Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 Minor League Averages

Just a final addendum to our 2009 Performance Evaluation series…We are making available the league averages, by league, for each of the statistics that we use when deriving the Performance Evaluation score. Just a brief recap on the statistics that we use:

For Hitters we use the following:

First Base Rate – ((1B/AB + BB/PA)*1.2)…scaled to approximate OBP
wPOW – ((doubles*3.0 + triples*1.2 + homeruns*10.0)/AB)*1.1)…scaled to approximate SLG
SpeedScore – A weighted combination of three of the Bill James Speed Score Factors (SpdSB%, SpdSBA, SpdR), scaled to produce a rating that typically ranges from 0-10.

For Pitchers we use these statistical measures:


And we of course use ‘Age’ for both hitters and pitchers. The complete chart of League Averages can be found here:

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