Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What others are saying…

Here at Diamond Futures’ we are fairly proud of the results that were achieved, when it came to putting together our 2010 Prospect eGuide. For the last couple of weeks we have been telling you about/sharing the content from the eGuide. Today, however, with the last installment of our Top 300 Prospects series now available on the site, we thought instead of us telling you about the book, that we would share with you what others around the web are saying about our product. So we have included a few of the comments that we have found in a quick search:

from -

"Finally, last night in my e-mail inbox, I received the electronic version of the Diamond Futures 2010 Prospect eGuide. I saw the Twins prospect rankings for their site, and enjoyed it. On the site, I saw that they had a 300 page e-book available, so I thought I would get that. The authors have been doing this for a long time. They look at some different categories. They grade players too. And in the guide, they rank their Top 500 prospects in baseball. "

from GiantDealings -

"Any blog or website can put out a rankings list, but few have the resources to back one up with player commentary. This is a great read for any Giants fan interested in more information on the organization’s top prospects."

from The Crawfish Boxes -

"Diamond Futures, a fantastic, fantastic (did I mention fantastic) amateur/minor league baseball blog, was gracious enough to forward me a free copy of their 2010 Prospect Guide, which is as comprehensive and well written as any such guide I've ever read."

And then today, The Crawfish Boxes did a more thorough review:

They capture the essence of what we are trying to do perhaps even better than we have. Excerpts can't do it justice, so I suggest reading the entire review.

from RockiesCast -

"I freely admit that I’m terrible at getting good, in-depth info on prospects. Luckily, we recently got a hot tip via e-mail about a blog committed to the art of scouting baseball prospects: Diamond Futures. This week, they did their analysis of the prospects in the Rockies’ system. Take a look: it’s some pretty interesting stuff."

If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, you can find all of the details here:

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